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Version 4.9.2

July 2, 2013
Software Updates
You can now issue a session credit to a swimmer directly from their profile page (finances tab). Instructor/other user accounts now include DOB and Gender fields. When exporting parents, the DOB, Gender and Address fields are now included.
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Version 4.8.9

July 1, 2013
Software Updates
You can now copy a swimmer's details into the "Add Parent" form to save you typing the address etc again. You can now export awards in CSV/Excel format. You can now set a swimmer to "Archived" status. This then deletes their personal information such as addre...
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Version 4.8.4

June 24, 2013
Software Updates
5 new colours have been added to the club calendar events. Swimmers can now print out the gala list between dates.
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Version 4.8.2

June 21, 2013
Software Updates
New skills added for instructors/users; "Chief Timekeeper" and "Recorder". You can now delete galas. You can now delete club kit products.
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