Version 6.203.6

December 7, 2018

The following updates were made this week:

Club Shutdown Dates

Bug fix – The column sorting on the table now sorts correctly when you click on the date columns.

Direct Debit Mandates

You can now remove the direct debit assigned to one of your swimmers.

You can now cancel your direct debit mandate via your “View My Swimmer” page.

When you assign or remove your direct debit to one of your swimmers, it is now logged in the audit trail.

Members Confirming Details On Login

You can now switch this off if you do not want members to be forwarded to their “My Details” page on login if they haven’t confirmed their details. Go to “Setup > Club details > Extended details tab” to turn this off.


There is now a little popup next to each meet option explaining what that field is for.

New report added – Open Meet Performance Sheet.

Bug fix – The “Meet results sheet” report now correctly lists swimmer PBs for meets that span over more than one day.

When you click on the “Export > Entry File” link, a popup now appears asking you if you have updated the entry times.

Incident Book

You can now password protect incidents. Only members who know the password can access a password protected incident. Also, only the person that password protected an incident can retrieve it if they forget it.

Member Details

There’s now an option so parents/members can check a checkbox if they have no medical/allergies/disabilities. This will stop people putting in “No, or not known” etc.

New Member form

There’s now an option so parents or new members registering can set medical/allergies/disabilities to “No” as above.

Club Events

Bug fix – The “Results sheet” report now correctly lists swimmer PBs for events that span over more than one day.


Club Roles report now ignores inactive members.

Club Websites

The {clubSessions} template tag now includes the “Session Name” in the outputted table.

Club Roles

When viewing a club role page under setup, the members in that role that are listed now have ticks/crosses for each of the role requirements so you can see if any do not meet the requirement for that role.

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