Version 6.197.0

November 9, 2018

The following updates were made this week:

Website Navigation

Bug fix – You can now add URLs longer than 50 characters to your website navigation items.

Website Sidebar

You can now choose to hide the website sidebar if you are using a bespoke website template.


The new website and branding is now live.


Bug fix – When adding trial request members via the API, the “Date Added” date is now set correctly.

Club Kit

Bug fix – When ordering club kit on behalf of another member (via Finances > Club kit orders), the account codes are now correctly set on the order.

Can’t Attend Session

When saying you or your swimmers can’t attend a session via your calendar, the system now only lists your active swimmers.

Importing Hy-tek Results

Bug fix – If you are importing results that span over multiple days, the system now sets the correct swim date


You can now mark noticeboard items as read so they no longer show.


If a member is not a volunteer, swimmer, parent or coach, the dashboard option now defaults to the tiled layout.

Mobile App

You can now add one off attendance records.

Member Details

The system now only lets you enter letters in the emergency contact person fields and numbers in the emergency contact number fields.

Club Websites

Bug fix – The calendar now shows the correct end date for meets that span more than one day.

Waiting List

You can now import members to your waiting list.

Code of Conduct

You can now set a code of conduct to be automatically applied to new members (swimmers, coaches, parents etc).

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