Version 6.199.0

November 16, 2018

Event Members

When adding club event members, the “Default for receive invoices” is now set to “Yes”.

When running the event attendees report, volunteers are now included.


When sending email via your club inbox, if you select one or more email lists, the “Remove Duplicates” option now automatically unchecks itself.

Bank Reconciliation

When reconciling bank transactions, when you click “Split”, the transactions are now listed in date ascending order the same as when you click “Match”.

When you select an invoice that is more than the statement transaction value, you can now opt to have the system create the payment against the invoice and leave the invoice as unpaid.

When you select an invoice or income record that is less than the statement transaction value, you can now opt to have the system create a credit note for the difference.


Members in the “SCM Administrator” role can now delete incidents.


Bug fix – When exporting your budget (via the print option or the Excel option), the expenses are now included as expected.

View Member

If you have the “Delete Members” permission, you can now delete a member directly from their profile page as well as via the archived members report.

Club Shutdown

You can now add club shutdown periods where all sessions will be blocked out on all of your calendars (for use with Christmas dates for example).


If you have the permission to manage member’s safeguarding/dbs certificates, any due to renew in the next 30 days are now visible on your dashboard.

Club Websites

New template tag added for latest news items “{latestNews,05}”.

Club Events

If a member deselects themselves from all events (via their confirm page), the system will now automatically set their “Attending” field to “No”.

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