Version 6.194.3

October 19, 2018

The following updates were made this week:


Bug fix – The 2 factor authentication submit button now works as expected.


When a swimmer confirms or selects their events, the “Club Event Swimmers” workflow now fires.

You can now upload a file to send as an attachment when emailing the volunteers.

When a swimmer selects their events, the system now lists them in the “Notes” field in the confirmed swimmers section.

Email Lists

Bug fix – When you’re sending an email via the list details page and you select an email template, the subject field is now populated from the selected template.


You can now edit noticeboard items.

Safeguarding & DBS

The safeguarding and DBS details have been moved to their own tab when viewing a member.

Role Permissions

New role permission added – “Manage Member Safeguarding & DBS”.

New role permission added – “Manage Qualifications”.

Club Events

When viewing the club events page, the system now defaults to all future events, and events that happened in the past 2 weeks. All other events can be seen by clicking the “View past events” button.

You can now upload a file to send as an attachment when emailing the volunteers.

Club Documents

Bug fix – In some circumstances, if you had multiple permissions set for a folder, it wouldn’t show in the list of folders when adding a document.


New workflow added for club event volunteers.

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