Version 6.195.4

October 26, 2018

The following updates were made this week:


Bug fix – In some circumstances, members were showing twice in the search results.

Waiting List

The list now lists in order that the member was added (descending).

Event Templates

When editing an event template, the gender is now listed as “Male, Female or Both” instead of “M, F, B”.

Website Pages

Bug fix – You can now unset the “Members Only” setting.

Recurring Invoices

Bug fix – You can now change the “Due Date Days”.

Website Settings

Bug fix – You can now upload .ico file formats.

Club Events & Meets

You can now insert links to custom forms in event/meet emails.

Club Website Navigation

You can now add URLs in the menu links instead of having to link to an internal page.


Bug fix – Only members with the “Manage Meets” permission can now delete members from the “Confirmed Swimmers” table.

Club Events

The calendar attachment is now included in the confirmation email when a member confirms a “Team Gala” or a “Turn Up & Swim” event.

Swim Times

When bulk importing swim times via CSV/Excel, you can now include DQ times.

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