Version 6.217.9

April 5, 2019

The following updates were made this week:

Club Documents

Bug fix – If you select a member for the folder edit permissions as well as the committee members checkbox, the folder now correctly appears in the drop-down when adding a document.

Club Events

If the entry deadline has passed, the “Include confirm link” check box is now not checked by default.


If the entry deadline has passed, the “Include confirm link” check box is now not checked by default.

The fields imported from the Hy-Tek event file are now separated from the other optional “club related” fields.

Bug fix – When adding one or more swimmers to an event, after they are added, the “globe” icons now work as expected.

Recurring Invoices

Bug fix – Monthly invoices created from the second time onward now correctly display your club name in the subject and email body fields.

New Member Form

The system now makes the “Any Medical History/Allergies/Disabilities” drop-downs required by defaulting to “Please select”.

New Parent Form Options

The new parent form options will only be taken into account if the member is and parent but NOT a swimmer. If they are a parent AND a swimmer, the “Member form options” will be used instead.

Club Websites

You can now place html content before your who’s who page.

You can now choose to hide the sidebar on the who’s who page.

You can now set a background image for your website if you are using one of the default website templates.

When displaying the sessions table using the template tag, the system now sorts them in day, time, name order.

The who’s who tiles now display the member’s name on one line if it is a long name.


We are now logging the number of emails sent for each club per month.

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