Version 6.207.0

January 11, 2019

The following updates were made this week:

Club Events

Bug fix – When emailing all eligible swimmers from a club event, in some circumstances, some swimmers were being missed off.

When copying a club event template that another club has shared, if there are qualifying times assigned to the events, they are now also copied.

Member Details

Bug fix – You can now enter semi colons in member’s mobile phone number field.

If you set the medical, allergies and disability details as required fields, when a member selects “Yes” for any of those fields, they are now prompted to enter something if they leave it blank.

Member Details Confirmed Report

You can now click a button and see all members that have not confirmed.


When adding swimmers to meet events, you can now click a button to cancel out of the process and the event swimmers will reappear.

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