Version 6.208.2

January 18, 2019

The following updates were made this week:

Club Documents

Bug fix – Setting only certain members to have access to a folder now words as expected.


Bug fix – When exporting the meet entry file, relay swimmers are now listed in the correct order.

The “Export meet swimmers by event” report now includes the session and day information.


Bug fix – The update button is now visible again when viewing a member’s safeguarding/dbs info if you have the “Manage member safeguarding dbs” permission.

Swim Times

Streamlined the add swim times process. Now there is one page where you select which type of times you want to import (manual, Hy-Tek, MRF etc).

Help Centre

We have migrated our help/support centre to a new system. This can be accessed here.

Swim Mark Report

You can now create “CPD” qualifications that appear on the swim mark report. To do this, create a club qualification and set is as a “CPD” qualification.

Credit Notes

Bug fix – When you create a credit note, you now don’t assign it to an invoice. There is now a second step to select the invoice so that the system can check if the credit note is more than the invoice, and give you the option to create a new one for the difference.

Bug fix – When an invoice is collected for via GoCardless, and it is an over-payment, the corresponding credit note that is created now has a credit note number set.


When emailing invoices, you can now use theĀ ##CONFIRMDETAILS## email tag.


New fields added to the “members” workflow for “archived” and “annonymised”.

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