Version 6.213.0

March 1, 2019

The following updates were made this week:

Swim Time Imports

Bug fix – When importing SD3 times, the “Licensed” option now works as expected.

Bug fix – When viewing swim times on a swimmer’s account page, if they were imported via xls/csv and the gala guid was used to tie them to that gala, the “Event/Location” field now correctly lists the gala name.

Group Qualifying Report

Bug fix – In some circumstances, if you had the “Allow swim times conversions” checked, and your QT pool was 50m, the system converted the LC time instead of the SC time when the swimmer’s SC time was faster and should have been used.


When you delete a member, their invoices and any related income will now stay intact so your accounts still balance.

Club Documents

Bug fix – The folder descriptions now wrap onto multiple lines if they are very long.

Hy-Tek Meets

Bug fix – If you had a meet with either SLY or LSY course code, and you had the “Convert entry times” set to NO, the system didn’t correctly work out the eligibility for some swimmers.

Swim Mark Report

The system now enters “Volunteer” in the “Volunteer/Paid” column if a member is marked as a volunteer, and “Paid” if they aren’t a volunteer.

Credit Notes

You can now post credit note adjustments so that your P&L account totals correctly reflect credit note credits and debits.

You can now create credit notes in bulk for all members of a group or session.


When creating invoices, you can now filter to only include members between an age range.


New report added – attendance by session.

Club Groups

New report added – how many months members have been in groups

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