Version 6.215.2

March 15, 2019

The following updates were made this week:

Member Confirm Details Page

This page now accepts the ; character in the mobile phone field.

Hy-Tek Style Events

Bug fix – In some circumstances, the system was using the short course time as the time to check for eligibility instead of the converted short course time.

When you delete a member from the “Confirmed Swimmers” section, you now have the option to also remove them from all the events.

Club Features

You can now switch off the “Synchro, Water Polo, Open Water and Lifesaving” options so they don’t appear when viewing members, or composing emails.

Club Documents

Bug fix – If you set a folder to be visible to a named member, as well as coaches and committee members, only the named member could view the folder.


When you view a workflow details page, the “table” is now listed.

Coaching Rota

Bug fix – The coaching rota is now visible to members with the “Manage Coaching Rota” permission, even if they aren’t a coach.

Club Events

For “Team Gala” and “Turn up and swim” event types, when you send out the event reconfirm link and the event deadline has passed, swimmers are still allowed to confirm their attendance.

The “Team sheet” and “Starts List” sections now show the event age ranges if you select the “Age” column.

The “Team sheet” and “Starts List” now has the option to remove blank events.

You can now “Remove all swimmers from team” on the “Create Team” page.

Swimmer Awards Report

Reformatted to be one swimmer per line with their awards listed horizontally.

Club Websites

Updated the Drag & Drop editor to the latest version.

Member Avatars

If you have set the “Members upload avatars” to active, your members can now upload their own avatar images via their “Your Details” tile on their dashboard.

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