Folkstone Swimming Club

Folkstone Swimming Club


“To list all the benefits of SCM would be near on impossible. SCM is the core of the club and allows valuable voluntary hours to be focused upon our members.”


Folkstone Swimming Club is one of the largest swim clubs in the Shepway area with over 350 members. The club teaches members to learn how to swim right through to a competitive level. They also have an extremely successful lifesaving section and adult waterpolo section.

Four years ago, before using Swim Club Manager, the club was managed through manual paper work and found that a lot of time was spent doing admin work that wasn’t always correct. The main benefits Folkstone Swimming Club finds with our software is that there has been a lot of time saves and they can now perform more accurate membership work and finances. They have been able to put more focus into helping each member and developing the club.

We asked the club:

On a scale of 1-5, as a result of Swim Club Manager, how easy is your club to manage?


What are the benefits of using Swim Club Manager?

  • Ease of use
  • All of our data is in the same place
  • We now know who owes what fees and can keep track of our finances
  • Gala entries and team selection


What specific features do you love the most and why?

  • The events feature as it enables you to control every element of competitive swimming.
  • Members profiles as this gives control over the entire system.
  • Invoices and Go Cardless as using this effectively saves valuable time and supports the financial aspect of the club.