Winchester City Penguins Swimming Club

"Powerful features for a fair price with great support."

“Powerful features for a fair price with great support.”

Winchester City Penguins Swimming Club has over 1200 members and has been teaching Winchester to swim since 1901.

The club used to use Google Docs to manage their members and struggles to keep the records up to date, they also found entering meets and galas to be labour intensive and required members to complete forms that then had to be collated into the system. Today, as a result of Swim Club Manager, they now find communication with members much easier, they have accurate records and find entering information significantly easier. One of SCM’s main benefits to the club is the software’s ability to support Sport Systems and HyTek.

We asked Winchester City Penguins:

On a scale of 1-5, as a result of Swim Club Manager, how easy is your club to manage?


What are the benefits of using Swim Club Manager?

  • Ease of use
  • It integrates with Hy-Tek and we can easily import and export Hy-Tek meet files
  • Very good email and communications capabilities. You can brand almost everything with your own logos.


What features do you love the most?

Amazingly responsive and helpful team, nice user interface, email and event templates, compatibility with Sport Systems and Hytek meets. Incident management is also important to securely maintain an accurate record that is only accessible by authorised people. Workflow capabilities allow people to be automatically alerted.