Category: Software Updates

Version 4.1.6

April 14, 2013

You can now create email templates and select them when sending emails to pre-populate the email body. You can now reset a swimmer's password and email is to them at the click of a button. You can now create an invoice for a swimmer directly on their profile page. You can now delete...

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Version 4.1.2

April 13, 2013

Inactive swimmers/parents/instructors now have a strike through their name so you can easily see inactive members when you are viewing them all in a...

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Version 4.1.1

April 12, 2013

You can now add all swimmers to a gala at once instead of selecting each group one at a...

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Version 4.0.9

April 10, 2013

You can now reset a user's/instructor's login password from their profile...

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Version 4.0.8

April 9, 2013

Version 4.0.8 You can now view outstanding workflow tasks on the main workflows page. The pagination inside the tabs has been improved on the swimmer's page. When sending out emails your club name is now included in the "From" part of the...

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Version 4.0.5

April 8, 2013

Version 4.0.5 Galas are now ordered in date descending order on the "View Galas" page. When printing attendance sheets for one month, there are no5 5 columns (for months that span 5 weeks). When printing attendance sheets, the "Home Phone" column has been replaced with the emergency contact numbers. You can now delete swim groups. A new user group permission has been added "Add...

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Version 4.0.0

April 7, 2013

Version 4.0.0 Major overhaul to the user interface and system "behind the scenes". Added change...

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