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Add member

There are 3 ways to add members:1) Adding Members Manually Click on the "Add Member" link on the navigation menu, or click on the "+ Add Member" button when viewing your members. Complete the form an ...

Assign session profile

A session profile is a group of sessions that you can apply to a member or members all in one go. For example, let's say you have a swim group called tadpoles, and the tadpoles train on Monday, Wednes ...


You can add attendance by groups, sessions and in bulk

Bulk import

To import members go to "Members> Bulk import". There are 2 steps to importing data: Upload your CSV/Excel file Match the columns in your file to the fields in the database Please Note: Importin ...

Bulk update

To perform a bulk update on your members, you first need to export them on the "Members > View Coaches/Members/Parents" page. Once you have the exported file, edit the file then go to "Members > ...

Text messages

Before you can send text messages, you need to register for an account with our 3rd party texting service.

Swim times

This menu contains all of the swim times functions such as importing and exporting.

Log book activity

Select the dates and or groups to view your member's log book entries. Click on the log book date to view the entry details and to add comments to the entry. ...


Use these functions to move members between groups or sessions

Viewing your members

You can view a list of your members by going to "Members > View" and selecting one of the following 4 options: All coaches All members  All parents All swimmers All volunteers Use the buttons to ...

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