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We have been using SwimClub Manager now for over a year and it is an invaluable tool for running our club so much so, we don’t know how we managed without it!
With over 1000 members, SCM has significantly reduced the amount of hours spent on administration.
It is constantly evolving; every week new features appear as customer feedback is taken on-board to make SCM the best solution for Swim Clubs.
With the ability to import files for swim meets and the responsive easy to use, drag n drop website facility, SCM has it all.
Customer Service from Ben is outstanding - nothing is too much trouble. If you run a Swim Club and are looking for a complete package, we would highly recommend SCM.


Using Swim Club Manager for a club with over 200 members puts everything in one database for all levels.
The system has evolved and feedback from the user is always taken on board, which means it gets better and better.
Asking for help is easy and the response is always quick and helpful. Fantastic product with first class support.

Susie Hann

Bottisham Swimming Club has used SwimClubManager for about six months now, and it has already completely transformed our club.
Time spent on admin has been dramatically reduced, record keeping is so much easier, and as a result the committee is much more content!
We are still getting to know all the features and learning how to make the most of them, but I now can't imagine running the club without it.
As an additional bonus, Ben is incredibly responsive and helpful, and open to adding any new functionality that helps - he's clearly passionate about his product and about customer service, which makes all the difference and really sets SwimClubManager apart from the rest of the market. Recommended.

Suzy Ashworth

Poynton Dippers is pleased to announce the completion of the latest part of their digital transformation strategy.
It's been a team effort to successfully implement and rollout Swim Club Manager to all Coaches, Committee, and Volunteers which has enabled the club to reduce the reliance on paper and spreadsheets.
Our team have confidence that we can trust the member & club data held which can be accessed online anytime from anywhere with any device, saving time and reducing administration

Michael Jarvis - Swim21 Coordinator

We have used Swim Club Manager for the last 6 months and it has totally transformed the way we run our swimming club.
The web interface is clean and easy to use and it allows us to share roles across our volunteer base.
Most importantly, any problems that are encountered and swiftly and effectively dealt with by the development team behind the software.
If you run a swimming club then I can honestly say this is the software for you.

Colin Jackson

Dronfield Dolphins have used swim club manager for 5 years now.
It has transformed the way we manage member records, attendance and manage team and individual galas.
The fact it is on-line is key to its ease of use and our committee can really work collarboratively and be sure they are using the correct data all of the time.
We have used the website feature for 2 years and the fact that a small team of users can make changes means it always up to date and relevant, the online trial requests and registration forms are a bonus, our membership secretary said recently "membership is easy now".
The real differentiating feature is the support function which sorts any minor issues almost instantly.

Mike Redfern

We have used SCM since version one - it is constantly improving and being updated to improve usability and to add new features.
This is definitely the 'must have' software to manage all aspects of your swimming club.

Alison Smith

Evesham Swimming Club took the plunge with SCM primarily as a communication tool.
Week by week, we are learning new and exciting ways in how the system can help us offer a more professional swimming experience for our users.
Its potential is huge and the support that Ben provides is of a Michael Phelp's level of brilliance.

Nigel Denning

The main benefit for us is a central store for all our members details, which can then be accessed by a number of people. Our previous system was held on a PC and meant that only one person had access and was then able to send out communication to the members. This was a bottleneck and placed the responsibility on one person. Now we have a number of people who can send out emails, which had greatly improved the communication process and given us greater flexibility.
We also use it as a central point to store club documentation, which can also be accessed by other people removing the need for everyone holding a copy.
It has also simplified the control of our finances.
Though we do not use a lot of the features of the system (being an adult group) it has still proved to be a benefit to us and made running the club easier.

Peter Martin

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