Mobile app – Version 5.0.0

We are pleased to announce a brand new version of our mobile app. This time, we have redeveloped the app from the ground up.

Most of the updates are “behind the scenes”, but here are some of the more notable new features.

Dark Mode

One of the most obvious enhancements is the addition of Dark Mode. The app automatically switches between light and dark mode depending on what your device settings are.


We have totally changed the calendar page and added extra calendar views. Now, you can view Day, Week and Month view.


When you are adding attendance, you can now tap the “Add One-off” and “List Swimmers” labels, as well as the icon to go to the next page. A small change but one that will make it easier for you.


We have also added a brand new date picker to all date fields. This makes it mush easier to browse forward and backwards through dates, as well as tapping the year to change the year.

How to Update

This update will roll out via the Apple Appstore and the Google Play Store so look out for an update notification.