Swindon Dolphins Case Study

Members: 350

Year Established: 1952

“SwimClub Manager has significantly improved and simplified our ability to manage our club.”

Swindon Dolphins

The Swindon Dolphins have over 350 members and have been using our software for over 2 years. They also run LearnToSwim, SwimSkills, Competitive Swimming Squads, Masters and Waterpolo sections.

Before Swim Club Manager, the Swindon Dolphins had their own online membership system, but continued to face problems with the ever changing club requirements and keeping the system updated. That’s where we came in. Since having Swim Club Manager, the club now benefits from having all of their data in the one place and being able to manage membership, swim times, qualifying times, swim squads, qualifications and much more. Swim Club Manager now offers them a safe and secure way to store all their information, without the need to transfer data across multiple sources.

We asked the following questions:

On a scale of 1-5, as a result of Swim Club Manager, how easy is your club to manage?

What are the biggest benefits of Swim Club Manager?

  • Ease of use
  • All of our data is in the same place
  • All members can have a login to manage their own personal data and keep it up to date
  • All updates to members are logged in an audit trail so we can see who did what and when
  • Members can run swim time reports to see what they qualify for ie County/ Regional/ Open Meets etc.