Bottisham Swim Club Case Study

Bottisham Swimming Club is based in East Cambridgeshire and have around 100 members of various ages from 8 to 21. They pride themselves on helping all swimmers be the best that they can be, championing individual and team achievements.

Before Swim Club Manager, the club was run very informally with all administrative tasks and club maintenance being done on an unsuitable website and database or manually by paper. This was causing a break down in communication between various staff members.

Since becoming a Swim Club Manager user 2 years ago, they now claim that our software has ‘revolutionalised’ their club! By allowing committee members, volunteers and swimmers to work from the one place. Gala entry and information is now much easier and means that the volunteers now don’t have to commit as much time to the administrative tasks of the club. They particularly love the Hy-Tek integration as it makes meets so much easier to deal with and they love that they can now keep track of club records, with the ability to view PB’s from galas with ease.

We asked the following questions:

On a scale of 1-5, as a result of Swim Club Manager, how easy is your club to manage?

What are the biggest benefits of Swim Club Manager?

  • All of our data is in the same place
  • We now know who owes what fees and can keep track of our finances
  • It integrates with Hy-Tek and we can easily import and export Hy-Tek meet files
  • All members can have a login to manage their own personal data and keep it up to date