About Us

We are committed to helping our customers manage their own swimming club more effectively, enabling them to provide a better service to their members.

What We Do

SwimClub Manager is securely hosted, cloud-based software designed to help you run, mange and improve your swimming club anywhere in the world, from any internet enabled device and you can add as many coaches, parents, swimmers or volunteers as you need.

Our History

SwimClub Manager is owned and ran by BPS Designs Ltd, a family run business that was started by Ben Snape in 2001 and formally incorporated into a limited company in 2005.

Around 2006 our local swimming club came to us and asked if we could create a website for their club. It was a fairly straight forward request and within a few weeks, their new website was up and running, telling everyone about the swimming club and what they do.

A year or so later, they came back to us asking if we could expand on their website by adding member logins so their members could see their personal details and edit them when necessary.

After a few meetings planning out the feature list, SwimClub Manager, 1.0 was released in 2008.

Since then, the system has evolved significantly and is constantly updated with new features.

The team running SwimClub Manager has also expanded over the years. We now have a web development team, a marketing/social media team and admin staff helping with various tasks and helpdesk/support.

How We Can Help Your Club

From our humble beginnings, our software has become a worldwide phenomenon, saving swimming clubs time, effort and money, little of which any of you can afford to lose.

Our fully integrated solution organises your swim club with a host of features including:

  • Gala/Event Management
  • Hy-Tek and GoCardless integration
  • Finance features and document management
  • Progress and attendance reports
  • Integrated club website