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Don’t just take our word for it, checkout what we’ve done for various swim clubs over the years.

Folkstone Swimming Club originally used large amounts of paper work to control their members and finances, since using out software they have been able to save themselves a lot of time with their admin tasks.

Folkestone Swimming Club

Eastleigh Swimming Club have been a user of our software for over 2 years and find it easy to use and find it easier to control their member data and finances.

Eastleigh Swimming Club

Winchester City Penguins Swimming Club has over 1200 members and since signing up to our software a year ago has found communicating with their members much easier.

Winchester City Penguins

Chippenham ASC has been going since 1877 and is the longest running swimming club in the UK, they find our software useful as it helps them to collate all their information within the one place.

Chippenham ASC

Bristol North Swimming Club are a SwimMark accredited club who have been in existence since 1922 and currently have 200 members. The club uses Swim Club Manager to help them run events with ease, particularly when competing in national galas.

Bristol North Swim Club

The Swindon Dolphins have over 350 members and have been using our software for over 2 years. The club finds that they can run their operations with ease as a result of SwimClub Manager.

Swindon Dolphins

Bottisham Swimming Club is based in East Cambridgeshire and have around 100 members of various ages from 8 to 21. Since becoming a Swim Club Manager user 2 years ago, they now claim that our software has ‘revolutionalised’ their club!

Bottisham Swimming Club

Backwell Swimming Club are a community based club who compete on a national level. They have approximately 180 members of all abilities.

Backwell Swimming Club

Swim Club Manager has revolutionised the club. To be honest I don’t know how I would have survived the new levels of compliance and GDPR required without Swim Club Manager

Dolphin Swimming Club

Swim Club Manager is now an integral part of our club that we could not do without. I have recommended it to several other local swimming clubs, best thing we could have ever done!

Perry Beeches SSS

It’s a system that’s developing all the time. The developers listen to the swimming clubs for their ideas and suggestions to make the running of a swimming club as simple as possible.

Southwold Swimming Club

A fantastic tool enabling club committee roles to be easier to undertake

Thanet Swimming Club

Swim Club Manager is effective and easy to use. The team has been very helpful in developing new features that we needed.

Cirencester Swimming Club

Swim Club Manager is an awesome tool… not just it’s very useful but also the technical support of Ben Snape is second to none.

Aqua Gym