Version 6.221.8

The following updates were made this week:

Confirm Details
Bug fix – If you have “Member confirm on login” checked on the club details page, then a member logs in for the first time, they are presented with their details to confirm them. In some circumstances, the “Do you speak Welsh” option was showing when it shouldn’t be.

Hy-Tek Events
Bug fix – Members with the “Send Emails” permission but not the “Manage Meets” permission can now access the send email options as expected.

When you are adding attendance, if you select a date that falls within one of your club shutdown periods, the attendance sessions are disabled so you can’t select them.

Viewing Group Members
You can now click a button to include inactive members in the group.

Viewing Session Members
You can now click a button to include inactive members in the session.

Holiday/Sickness Calendar
Members that are coaches but do not have the “Manage Holiday Sickness Calendar” permission can now add their own holidays and sickness to the calendar via the new link under their name at the top of the left navigation menu.

Non Confirmed Members Report
You can now select individual members to email on this report.

Progress Reports
New outcome type added – “List of values”.

Affiliate System

We are pleased to announce our brand new affiliate system. If you would like to earn 10% off your SCM invoices for each club you refer to us, checkout the affiliate system under “Setup > Affiliate account” when you are logged in.

All clubs are automatically enrolled, and you will find links and banners that you can put on your website. Please read the affiliate terms and conditions for more information.

Note: Only members in the “SCM Administrator” role can access the affiliate links under the setup menu.