Version 6.225.8

The following updates were made this week:

Club Documents
Bug fix – When you replace a club document, any links to the document on your club website are now automatically updated.

You can now retry failed GoCardless payments from the invoice details page.

Incident Book
When you password protect an incident, the “Member Involved” column in the table is now obscured so you can’t read it.

Imported Swim Times
Bug fix – When viewing the imported swim times table, you can now edit the “Notes” field on all pages in the table, not just the first one.

Bug fix – If you have a workflow setup for when an invoice gets paid, the email notification now displays the date in non US format.

Swim Time Imports
When viewing the associated times for an import, there is now a “Licensed” column to show you if the times are licensed or not.

Club Events
When emailing out event invoices, you can now select from more event related email tags, you can insert an email template and you can select a reply to address.