Version 6.242.6

The following updates were made this week:

Member Page Links
When you send the link to a member’s confirmation page, SCM stores these and automatically expires them after 30 days. Now, once they are used (ie the member clicks the link in the email), they have 15 minutes to update their details (if necessary) before the link expires.

You can also now view all the links sent to a member, and delete them if you need to stop the link being used for whatever reason.

The “print attendance sheets” page now includes the coaches/supervisors/helpers from your coaching rota.

Bug fix – If you have more than one session on the same day, when doing attendance, the coaches/supervisors/helpers now only display the members assigned to that session, not the whole day.

Club Events
You can now select to email all event members where their “Attending” field is set to “–” i.e. they’ve not responded. This is slightly different to the “Email members not responded” because it doesn’t look at members that have been emailed already, only the event members.

Purchase Invoices
When you edit the purchase invoice account code, the system now automatically sets any assigned expense (payment on the invoice) to the same code.

When reconciling purchase invoices to bank statement transactions, you can now select from any invoices you have already set as paid, but not reconciled yet.

You can now select “reconciled” and “unreconciled” when viewing the purchase invoices page.

Progress Reports Report
New column added for “last updated date”.

Import Swim Times
Bug fix – When importing swim times in CSV format, it now works as expected.

New field added to the “Users” workflow tables (swimmers, parents, volunteers etc) for “Direct Debit” that fires when direct debits are both created and cancelled.

Holiday/Sickness Calendar
Volunteers now have access to add their own holiday/sickness calendar.

Coaching Rota
You can now bulk delete members from the coaching rota via the club session details page.

The rota now doesn’t display rota events in between coach/volunteer’s holidays.

The rota report now takes into account the holiday/sickness calendar.

You can now choose between a “manual” coaching rota, where you build the rota yourself, or an “automatic” coaching rota, where the system displays the coaches on each session for you.

Bug fix – The “manual” coaching rota now takes into account the “no session dates” for club sessions when you overlay the club sessions onto the calendar.

When you overlay club sessions on the “manual” coaching rota, you are now taken to the session details page when you click on them.

Club Websites
Pagination has been added to the latest news page.

For data protection, when your search results contain emails (both inbox and sent emails), the recipient’s email addresses are now not shown.