Version 6.244.2

The following updates were made this week:

Event Confirm Emails
When a member confirms to an event email and you have the event date start time set to 12:00 AM, the confirmation email to the member does not include the time.

Coaching Rota
The “automatic” style coaching rota now lists the session location in the “list” view on the calendar.

The “automatic” style coaching rota now takes into account any club shutdown dates.

Learn To Swim Calendar
The teacher’s name and available places are now displayed in the “list” view.

Drag & Drop Page Editor
We’ve upgraded this 3rd party component to the latest version.

You can now insert links to your club documents, web pages and news items directly from the drag & drop editor when clicking the link button, then the “…” button.

You can now insert image gallery links directly from the drag & drop editor by clicking the “…” button then the image gallery button.

You can now insert event results directly from the drag & drop editor by clicking the “…” button then the event results button.

The calendar on the “tabbed” dashboard layout now includes any coaching/supervising/helper sessions you are assigned to if you have the “manual” coaching rota set.

Website News
Bug fix – The website news page now shows all news items as expected.

IP addresses accessing the api are now logged and included on the api usage report.

The custom forms report export now lists the member’s first and last names in separate columns.

Social Events
You can now set a date so members can’t purchase tickets after the deadline.

Bank Statement Reconciliation
When matching or splitting income & expenses to bank statement transactions, the system now only lists the items that are between 6 months older than the statement date or newer.

Progress Reports
Bug fix – When viewing a member’s progress report, clicking the “Overall Completed” option now saves as expected, as well as fires any associated workflow.

You can now upload .jpeg format images.