Version 6.247.6

The following updates were made this week:

Event Confirm
Bug fix – It is now not possible to confirm your attendance to an event when the closing date has passed, even if you sent the “reconfirm” link.

Bulk Import Members
For security reasons, the “password” field has been removed from the bulk member import feature.

Sent Email
You can now select all the emails on the current page by clicking the check-box at the top.

The send email button is now disabled on inactive members.

Help & Support
We have integrated a help widget that appears in the bottom right corner when you click the “help for this page” icon at the top rightr allowing you to search articles and log tickets (if you have the View Help Portal Links” permission).

When adding swimmers to a meet event, there is now an option to “select all” in the returned table.

Swim Time Conversions
Bug fix – In some certain edge cases, there was a rounding error causing the converted time to be slightly out.