Version 6.249.3

The following updates were made this week:

Event Templates
Bug fix – Shared event templates now open as expected.

When viewing a shared event template, you can now see the qualification times.

New field added to TriaRequests end point – PrimaryContact

New field added to TriaRequests end point – RelationshipToSwimmer

Club Groups
Bug fix – If you set one or more “group reqtrictions” on a member, then delete one of the club groups, that deleted group is also removed from the member’s group restrictions.

New Member Form (Volunteers)
Bug fix – If you select multiple codes of conducts, they now all appear on the form as expected.

Registration Forms
You can now select your “ReplyTo” addresses when emailing an individual registration form member.

Bug fix – When posting to the TrialRequests end point, if you have a workflow setup, the workflow now fires as expected.

Club Shop (mobile app)
Bug fix – If you have a workflow setup to fire when someone orders a product, this now fires as expected when the app is used to order one.

Safeguarding/DBS Report
Bug fix – When you export this report, the certificate download links now work as expected.

GoCardless Payments
You can now change the way the GoCardless payments are created. There is now an option to have the GC payment come out of the members bank account on the invoice due date, instead of only creating the charge on the due date. To change this, go to the “Finance Settings” tab on the club details page.

Emailing Invoices
Bug fix – If you have “copy parents in on invoice emails” set and 2 parents have the same email address, it now sends all the invoices as expected instead of stalling the queue.

Club Kit
You can now enter text/html that will be shown above your club kit page.