Version 6.250.3

The following updates were made this week:

When replying to an email in your club inbox, if the received email has a valid “Reply-To” header set, your reply will go to that email instead of the “From” address.

Progress Reports
The “Edit Progress Reports” report now does not truncate the outcome text in the table header.

Meet Confirmation
The event list on the meet confirmation page has been made more mobile friendly.

Member Confirmation
Bug fix – When a member confirms their details via the email link, in some circumstances, the emailed PDF didn’t contain all the fields.

Club Events/Meets
You now get a warning message when emailing your members if the “Include link to confirm” option is not checked.

You can now set it so that only entry times from certain licence levels will be allowed.

Skills Report
This report now ignores in-active members.

Meet Results
2 new fields added to the meet results import template (XLS): Disqualified and Disqualified Reason.

Member Login
From now on, if a member has been send either a “Membership Renewal” link or a “Confirm Details” link and they try to login, the system will forward them to the renew/confirm link first.