Version 6.251.3

The following updates were made this week:

Custom Consent Groups
You can now set consent options to be mandatory.

You can now add intro text for the consent group that is displayed on all member pages above the consent group options.

Membership Renewals
You can now select club groups as well as member types.

Meet Results
The meet results sheet PDF now includes the age groups in the event column.

Club Events
When a parent/swimmer is viewing their event confirm page, the system now only looks at swim times swam before the event deadline. This is so that if a time is swam after the deadline that is faster than the QTs, it would make the swimmer not qualify and therefore hide the event.

The “Members not attending” report has been adjusted to allow you to leave the club sessions option blank. Then, it will list all members who haven’t attended any sessions between the dates you enter.