Version 6.254.2

The following updates were made this week:

Global Search
The minimum characters allowed for searching has been reduced to 2.

The member’s name is now stored in the search index as “firstname known as lastname” so that you can search on all. Note: This will only take affect for new members or when you update current members.

Custom Forms
The “title” field length has been extended to 100 characters. Kb article.

New feature added “Club Feed”. This feature is designed to help with club communications and the ability to post to the feed is goverened by a new role permission.

You can post simple messages but with media attachments such as video, images and documents. Anyone with a login can see the club feed on their dashboard. Kb article.

The “old” style tabbed dashboard layout has now been removed.

Email Lists
The “List Name” field length has been extended to 100 characters.

Website News
Added new field “Featured Image”. Any image added here will be shown in your featured news in the sidebar. Kb article.