Version 6.255.9

The following updates were made recently:

Custom Forms
Warning added to make sure the “Field Name” is unique for each field on a form. KB article

Bug fix – When copying a form, the “drop-down” options are now copied over.

Bug fix – When a member views the form after emailing it to them, any carriage returns you entered in the field descriptions are now included.

In some circumstances, some members were managing to submit custom forms twice, in very quick succession. It is now not possible to do this.

Bug fix – When adding attendance by session, the system now takes into account any “no session dates”. KB article

Coaching Rota
If you use the “Manual” coaching rota, there is a new role of “Life Saving” when adding members to the rota. KB article

Bug fix – The “manual” coaching rota now takes into account club shutdown dates.

Code of Conduct Report
You can now choose to email all members who have acknowledged as well as not acknowledged the code of conduct. KB article

Club Events
If you set the “no of swimmers” option in an event template, the system will now not allow swimmers to select that event if the number of swimmers has already been met. KB article