Version 6.258.4

The following updates were made recently:

Code of Conduct Report
Bug fix – deleted members no longer appear on this report.

Budget Report
This has been changed to match how the profit and loss report works, i.e. only reporting on actual values that have been reconciled to income/expenses.

Recurring Invoices
When you setup recurring invoices and set them to be automatically emailed out, those emails are now stored in the member’s “Communications” tab, as well as accessible in their mobile app.

Bug fix – When adding multiple attendance, the select all checkboxes now work as expected.

Bug fix – Attendance sheets now no longer include members in the “registration forms” section.

Coaching Rota
For clubs on the “Manual” coaching rota, the “Life Saving” option has been added to the drop-down list when adding members and to the coaching rota report.

Club Events
Bug fix – For an event that has member number restrictions, if an event is full and a member has previously selected that event, they can now click the “tick” icon to un-select themselves from that event.

Club Roles
The “ASA Membership Required” text has been replaced with “SE/SI/SS/SW Membership Required”.

Club Kit Orders
You can now no longer delete a club kit order that has an associated invoice.