Version 6.262.2

The following updates were made recently:

Swim Times

Split times are now imported when you import .SD3 and Hy-Tek results files.

When adding a manual swim time via a member’s page, you can now select “Level X” in the “Licence Level” field.

Club Kit Orders

Bug fix – When you delete an invoice period, if an invoice has a club kit order associated with it, the “invoiced” flag is now reset on the order.


PUT methods added to the following endpoints:

  • Club Roles
  • Club Groups
  • Code of Conduct

Bug fix – When performing a PUT on the Members endpoint, the SessionRestrictions are now updated correctly.

Progress Reports

Bug fix – When viewing a member’s progress report and you use the email function, the attached report is no longer blank.

Members with the “Manage Swimmer Progress Reports” permission can now run the “Progress Reports” report.

Codes of Conduct

Water Polo and Syncho now added as options in the “Automatically Assign to Member Type” drop-down.

Required Fields

Bug fix – When a parent is viewing their swimmer details, the system now sets the required permissions as per your “Form Options” in club setup.


New workflow added for the “Log Books” table so you can be notified when a member adds a log book entry.