Version 6.267.9

The following updates were made recently:

Club Events

Bug fix – The “Team PBs” function now works when you select a distance.

“Gender” has been added to the event list on the create team page.

“Age” column has been added to the Add Swim Times table.

The ##EVENTURL## email tag now inserts a clickable link instead of just the URL text.

Group PBs Report

All 25m distances added.

800m & 1500m free added.

Custom Reports

The following fields have been added:

  • Age
  • Skills
  • Recurring Invoice Discount Percent


Bug fix – If a user has 2fa turned on and supplies an incorrect pin, the system now does not update their “last logged in” field.


Bug fix – When viewing a member’s attendance via their account page, the “Coach attendance record” icon is now visible when you change the attendance dates.

Club Kit

Bug fix – when ordering multiple products with options on the same order, the options now show correctly against each product.


Bug fix – If you select one or more swimmers when composing an email, AND you select one or more from the other options at the same time (eg coaches, volunteers, etc), the emails now get sent as expected.

Date Format

Due to issues with date formats for non UK clubs, we have changed the global date format to D M YY, eg 31 Aug 21.