Version 6.269.2

The following updates were made recently:


New field added to members – Masters.

Custom Reports

The following reports have been added to the Custom Reports page:

  • Group Moves
  • Qualification Renewals

When you select “Age” as a report field, and you select the “All members” report, you can now enter a date to use as the “Age on Date” if you want it to be different from today’s date.

Bug fix – If you have the “Run safeguarding and DBS report” permission, you can now see those relevant options in the list of fields to select for the report.

Profit & Loss

When adding credit notes, and marking them as “Refunded”, you can now select an income account code and an expense account code in the “P&L Adjustments” section so your figures are correct. Previously you could only select income account codes for both the “Credit” and “Debit” account which was not correct.

Group Qualifying Report

The yellow colour (within 5% of the time) has been made lighter to make it easier to differentiate from the orange colour.

Workflows / Club Roles

You can now add an email address to club roles. If you do this, when the workflow fires, it will notify the role email address instead of everyone in that role.

Registration Forms

Your disciplines are now listed on the new Member/Volunteer form. Whatever they select will be automatically added to their account (in the Membership & Consents tab), as well as being listed in the notes field.