Version 6.270.3

The following updates were made recently:

Club Roles

Fixed a typo on the view club roles page.


Bug fix – When using the ##EVENTADDRESS## tag in a meet email, the system now puts spaces after the commas in the address (eg add1, add2, town, county, etc).


You can now update the “No Session Dates” on multiple sessions at once.

Club Websites

The club calendar now starts on Monday to match the SCM calendars.

Bug fix – The trial request and waiting list forms now shows/hides the extra fields as expected for under 18 swimmers when they select the date of birth.

Club Assets

It now lists the person the asset is booked out to on the main club assets page.

Club Events

When you run the “Update entry times” function, and that then makes one or more swimmers not qualify, you can now see those non-qualifying swimmers on the create team page (notified by a red flag) so you can remove them from that event.

Waiting List

Disciplines have been added to the waiting list. Anything selected will be listed in the “Notes” field for that record.

Registration Forms

When viewing a member registration form, if the member is a parent, there is now an “Assigned Swimmers” tab.

If the member is not a parent, but they have one in the system, there is now a “Swimmer’s Parents” section at the top listing their parents.

Swim Times

When you go to the “View imported STs” page and click on one, you can now bulk update the “Exclude from club records” field for all the imported times.