Version 6.272.0

The following updates were made recently:


The following fields are now available for member workflows to monitor for changes:

  • SE Number
  • SE Category

Club Sessions

You can now set “Start Date” and “End Date” on your club sessions. They will be automatically added/removed from the club calendar as per the dates you enter.

Club Calendar

Bug fix – If you set the start and end times to 12:00 AM on a club event, this is now reflected as an all day event on the club calendar.

Club Kit

When ordering club kit, if the user selects more product options than they have for the “Quantity”, a warning popup is shown.


The Attendees By Group export now has the option to include swimmer’s medical details.

My Calendar

Bug fix – You can now log non-attendance again by hovering over future sessions.

Date Pickers

Bug fix – The date pickers when editing invoice paid dates now default to the correct year when you click on them.

Credit Notes

When you assign a credit note to an invoice, and you select “Mark invoice as paid”, the system now uses the current date as the invoice paid date, not the credit note date.

Recurring Invoices

When you create club groups with negative group fees (for example for issuing discounts), these groups with negative fees now work with the recurring invoices function.

Club Documents

Bug fix – When someone replaces a club document, the system now correctly updates the “Added by” on the new version of the document, and the “Added By” for the revision version of the document.