Version 6.300.0

The following updates were made recently:

User Interface

We have made various UI improvements throughout the whole application.


When viewing the sessions tab on a member’s details page, the table of “Restricted Sessions” now includes archived sessions, so you can delete them accordingly.

Above most tables there is a “Search” field. This has been renamed to “Filter records” to avoid confusion.


Bug fix: When manually matching GoCardless payments and you are paging through the results, it now works as expected when you get back to the 1st page.

You can now cancel pending payments from the invoice details page.


When you enter a Session End Date, those sessions no longer appear after that date when you are adding attendance.


New column has been added to the Club Kit Orders report – Group(s).

Bug fix – You can now filter on the “Gender” field.


Now the system won’t allow you to delete an invoice period that contains invoices that will be collected via GoCardless.

You can now request a direct debit payment for an invoice manually.


Bug fix – In some circumstances, when you uploaded a club kit image or a member avatar, the system rotated the image.

Member Renewals

When you send out a membership renewal, and one of those members logs in, when they are taken to the renewal form, the member renewal responses table is now also updated.


When emailing meet invoices, you can now select from your email templates.

Club Websites

Trial Requests

The following fields have been added to the trial request forms:

  • Address
  • Disciplines

The word “Notes” next to each member on the Who’s Who page has been removed.