Version 6.302.1

The following updates were made recently:


Bug fix – If a member has the “Manage Club Progress Reports”, but nothing else relating to club setup, they can now see the setup menu to view the progress reports page.

Artistic Swimming

The old “Synchro” labels have been renamed to “Artistic Swimming” on the compose email page and the new member form page.


Bug fix – Fixed a display bug on the meet details page.

The meet entry filename is now in the following format:

  • SE Registration Code – Meet Name – Start Date


When composing an email on the main club inbox page, the drop-down for “Swimmers” now includes members set as “Masters” and “Artistic Swimming”.


The “View All Swimmers” page now includes members set as “Masters” and “Artistic Swimming”.


When a member is set to inactive, and you set their “Date Joined Club” to a date in the future, on that date, the member will be automatically set to active.