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Version 6.303.7

The following updates were made recently:

Learn to Swim

Bug fix – When viewing learn to swim lessons on a member’s account page, the lesson start and end time now correctly takes into account British Summer Time.

Trial Requests

Bug fix – When sending emails to trial requests, the “Club Groups” and “Club Sessions” email tags now work as expected.


On the “Members > View > All Coaches” page, the coach’s contact numbers are now only visible to members with the “View Member Basic Details” permission.


Bug fix – When running custom reports and you select the “Ethnicity” field, the system now lists the ethnicity instead of the numerical value.


Bug fix – When emailing meet volunteers and you use the ENTRYCLOSEDATE email tag, the system now enters the “Member Entry Deadline” date instead of the “Host Entry Deadline” date.


When emailing single invoices (via the invoices page or the member’s invoices tab), you can now enter a subject and select from an email template.