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Version 6.306.4

The following updates were made recently:


A new “Total” figure has been added to the bottom of the unpaid invoices page.

The table filter at the top right now accepts partial searches instead of having to type the full surname etc.

Invoice period type has been added as a column to the main invoices table.

When emailing invoices, you can now opt to save the emails in your club’s sent items folder.

When emailing invoices, you can now select an invoice period.

Trial Requests

You can now mark a trial request as spam. Do this so that the spam-checking system can learn from false negatives.

Invoice Periods

The invoice period type has been added as a column to the invoice periods table.

You can now edit the “invoice period type” on an invoice period.

Custom Reports

Late minutes column added to attendance report.


Bug fix – When adding attendance and you enter the “Late Minutes” option, then at a later date, go back to the add attendance page for the same date/session, the “Late” column is no longer blank.

Club Events

When a swimmer is selecting the events they would like to swim in a club event, if the event template that the club event uses has the “# of swimmers” option set to less than 999, the system will display how many places are left for that race.

Club Groups

When moving members between groups and you use the “Send Email” option, there is now an extra option to save the emails in the sent items folder.


When assigning swimmers to parents via the parent’s account page, non-competitive members are now included in the drop-down as well as swimmers.