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Version 6.310.2

The following updates have been made recently:


If you have the relevant permission, all qualifications coming up for renewal will be shown. If you do not have permission to view other members’ qualifications, then you will only see your own that are coming up for renewal.

Learn To Swim

You can now remove all lessons from a member in bulk. This is useful if the member cancels or does not want to continue.

Club Role Permissions

New role permission added for “Run Best Swim Times Report”.

Note: This is a breaking change, and you must enable this new permission on any coaches’ roles. This has been added due to some safeguarding incidents logged with Swim England.


When manually adding a swimmer to a meet event, the system now allows you to do a PB lookup for that swimmer. Clicking on the swim time in the popup will copy the time to the meet event.

Club Events

You can now invoice swimmers for club events where only the bus fee is applicable (where you have the default event fee and athlete surcharge fee set to 0)