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Version 6.312.2

The following updates were made recently:

Club Social Events

You can now use the spectator tickets function even if you set the ticket prices to zero.

Club Websites

When viewing the club calendar, if the “Club Deadline” is set, this is now displayed when you hover over a meet item. If not, the “Host Deadline” is shown instead.


2 new fields have been added to member details:

  • Sex at birth
  • Competition gender

The new “competition gender” field will now be used for event/meet eligibility if it has been set. If not, the “gender” field will be used as it was previously.

Note: You need to turn these new fields on via the “Setup > Club > Details > Form options” page.


The pdf filename has been changed slightly when downloading or emailing an invoice.


Bug fix – The “Males” section of the”Meet Entries” report now includes their SE Number to match the Females.

Club Email

When composing (or forwarding) an email and you select one or more “Club Roles”, if those roles have an email address associated with them, that email address will be used instead of all the members’ email addresses assigned to the role.