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Version 6.315.1

The following updates were made recently:


Bug fix: After you have created your meet invoices, if another swimmer is added to the team and you run the invoice creation again, that new swimmer is now only invoiced for the new event.

Registration Forms

Bug fix: When you add a fee to a reg form user, the “Receives Group/Session Invoices” checkboxes are now not reset.

Club Events

If you have switched off the following fields in the member confirm form, when printing event attendees, those columns are now hidden:

  • Consent image use
  • Consent video use
  • Consent show name/image in publicity

When you export your event attendees, a new column has been added for “SE Number” after their name.

Swim Times

Bug fix: When adding a swim time via a member’s page, if you add an ampersand in the location field, it now saves the location as expected.