club feed

An Introduction to the Club Feed

Welcome to swim club manager. Today, we will be demonstrating the new club communications feature called the club feed.

When you login, you will see your dashboard. The new club feed is on the right hand side on desktop and laptop computers, and at the bottom on mobile devices.

The messages in the feed display automatically, and only members with the, can post to club feed, role permission will be able to add messages.

To post a message, click on the post message button at the top.

Enter a title, your message, and select any media items you would like in the message. You can select documents, images and videos.

To enter multiple media items, simply select multiple files after clicking the, choose files, button.

Click post to post the message to your club feed.

Your message will appear at the top of your feed because messages are listed in descending date order.

Click on an image to open a larger view, click on the video or document icons to view them.

To edit a feed item, hover your mouse over the avatar image, then click the edit button. You can’t add or delete media items, only edit the text. If you need to delete a media item, delete the whole message and create a new one.

The club feed is also available in the mobile app. From your dashboard, tap the club feed icon. To view a video, tap on it. You can’t add, edit or delete messages via the mobile app.