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Using the mobile app from a parent’s perspective

Welcome to SwimClub Manager. Today we will be going through the mobile app, from a parents perspective.

To download the mobile app, go to our website and click on the “App” link on the menu. Then, click on either the Apple app store link or the Google play store link.

Once installed, open the app and enter your SwimClub Manager username and password.

The first page you will see is the dashboard. Click on the “Dismiss” button to remove the welcome message.

The dashboard contains the following tiles.

Club Feed

Tap this tile to view your club feed. Messages are listed in date descending order, with the most recent at the top.

Images are displayed automatically, and to view a video or other document type, simply tap on it.


Tap this tile to view any emails the club has sent to you over the last 30 days. Tap on an email to view it. To delete it, tap the delete button at the bottom.

Old emails are deleted after 30 days.


Tap this tile to view your calendar, which lists your training session times, and any club events you or your children have been invited to attend. Tap on the dates to view the details. Tap on the details below the calendar for more information.


Tap this tile to see any events you or your children have been invited to. Tap the “View past events” button to view old events. Tap an event to view the details.

If you have a valid postcode in your account details, and the event has a valid address, tap the “Directions” button to get directions to the event from your home.


Tap the finances tab to view your unpaid invoices. Tap an invoice to view details. If your club has setup card payments, and you do not have an active direct debit mandate on your account, there will be a “Pay Now” button that will allow you to pay the invoice by credit or debit card.


If your club has setup the club kit shop, tap this tile to view the product categories. Tap a category to view the products, and tap a product to view it.

To order a product, select the quantity, any relevant options and enter any instructions if applicable. Then tap the “Place Order” button.

Your order will be placed and an invoice generated automatically.


Tap this tile to view the club sessions, learn to swim lessons, club groups, club fees, progress reports and personal best swim times for you and your children.

If you or one of your children can not attend a specific session, you can notify the coach via this page. At the top, swipe the swimmer in question to the left, then tap the “Can’t attend” button. Then tap the date in question and enter any relevant notes for the coach at the bottom. Then tap the green tick button to submit.

The coach for that specific session will be notified, and a non attendance will be added for that date automatically.


Tap this tile to view the club roles, DBS and Safeguarding, Skills and Qualifications for you and your children.


Tap this tile to view your details. The details you see are for your account, if you are a parent, not your children’s accounts. Make any adjustments as necessary, then tap the green tick button to submit.

The Menu

To view the menu, where there are links to other pages, tap the hamburger icon at the top left.

The menu is split into the following sections.

Tap that to go back to your dashboard.

The following links are under the club menu.

Club kit
Takes you to the club kit page.

Club feed
Takes you to the club feed page.

Takes you to the club documents page. Tap on the folders to open, tap on the file names to download.

Takes you to the club events page.

Who’s Who
Takes you to the club who’s who page. Tap on the envelope icon to email that member.

Takes you to your invoices page.

The following links are under the members menu.

My details
Takes you to your details page.

My emails
Takes you to your emails page.

My swimmers
Takes to to your children’s pages. Tap on one to view and edit their details.

Logs you out of the app.

Tap the “more” button at the bottom and there are links to our blog to view app updates, a link to share the app with somebody, a link to send us feedback on the app and a link to refresh your data.

If your club permissions change, you will either need to log out opf the app then back in again, or, tap the refresh local data button.