Mobile app – Version 2.1.3

The following updates have been made this week:

Learn To Swim
You can now add learn to swim attendance.

Bug fix – The calendar now shows the correct session times.

The calendar now displays the same events as on the “My Calendar” in the main application.

The invoice list now lists in due date descending order for paid invoices.

Club Features
When you turn off club features in the main system, that is now reflected in the app.

Club Events
Bug fix – There was a loop when you clicked the “Back” button on the view event page that just kept you going from the events page and back to the event details page each time you tapped it.

Typo – On the “Swimming” page accessed via the dashboard, it now correctly says “You have no fees to view” if there are no club fees assigned to any of your swimmers.

Publishing Updates
We can now push incremental updates “over the air” without us having to submit to the app stores for each release.