Black Lion Swimming Club is the principal competitive swimming club in Medway and a leading club in Kent, England.

‘The Black Lion’ has as strong symbolic relationship with Medway’s heritage; local knowledge suggests the name was derived from a Blacksmith’s established in 1719, which was responsible for providing metal works to the nearby Royal Naval Dockyard. The blacksmiths was directly associated with the area where the Sports Centre was built, and became the influence for the name chosen.

The Black Lion symbol represents the Strength required in both the Blacksmith and his finished work, and more widely in Heraldry is used to denote Courage. Both these attributes exemplify our swimmers and represents what is needed to help them succeed.

The club continues to use Medway Park, previously Black Lion Sports Centre, as its principal pool but now accesses 3 additional pools in the Medway area allowing us to support swimmers locally as well as further afield. Our swimming squads range from novices training for an hour per week, to senior swimmers who are swimming at regional and national level, who potentially can train in excess of twelve hours per week.

Medway Park, Mill Rd, Gillingham, ME7 1HL