Version 2.239.9

The following updates were made this week:

Instructor Trials
You can now tailor the import template to make it easier to bulk import trial times.

The .odt file type has been added to the list of allowed file types.

Bug fix – You can now download club document folders as expected.

Group Qualifying Report
The report now lists the difference in seconds between the swimmer’s time and the qualifying time if they don’t qualify.

Club Events
The volunteer team sheet now includes the volunteer’s “notes” column.

Discussion Forums
You can now enter rich text (bold, links, tables etc) in to the forum posts instead of plain text.

Progress Reports
New field added “last updated date”. This gets updated whenever an associated stage is updated.

Session Profiles
You can now assign a progress report to a session profile. Then, when a member is moved into a group with a session profile with a progress report attached to it, they are assigned the progress report at the same time.

When adding a swimmer manually, you can now add them to multiple events at the same time.

Bug fix – When importing events from a club event template, the SC/LC times now import as expected.

Bug fix – When checking eligibility for relay events, in some circumstances, the system was using the full relay distance instead of the leg distance when converting swim times.

The “select check boxes” and the “select button” on the meet confirm page have been moved to the left hand side if the table to make it easier to select events when on a mobile device.

Club Sessions
Bug fix – If a member has the “View Club Sessions” permission, they can now no longer remove members from the view session page.

Swim Times
When editing a swim time via a swimmer’s page, you can now see a link to the bulk import if the time was included in one.

My Events
The “my events” page (top table) now only lists the events that the member is in the team for (for Hytek style events) and has their “attending” set to “Yes” (for club events).

The second table at the bottom hasn’t changed, that still lists all events they have been invited to attend (via email).

When emailing account statements, you can now select to only include unpaid invoices.

Bug fix – When creating an invoice for a member via their account page, the “Collect payment via GoCardless” option now works as expected.

Coaching Rota
Your coaching rota has changed and is now manually created. This is to give you more control of the rota and members on the rota can now see when they are coaching or helping out on their calendar. More info can be seen in the documentation.