Version 6.222.8

The following updates were made this week:

Custom Forms
Bug fix – If you had a custom form with one or more “text block” field types, when you exported all the answers, this caused the columns to be misaligned.

Viewing Members
The “Create Parent Account” button is now visible if a member is a swimmer OR a synchro swimmer.

Bug fix – If a member has only the “Send Emails” permission, the email options on the meet navbar are now correctly displayed.

My Calendar
The system now displays the “Member entry deadline” if one is set for meets.

Your Swimming
The system now highlights inactive swimmers in red.

Club Sessions are now included on this page.

Recurring Invoices
Bug fix – If you have “Send invoices to parents” option checked under club setup, when a recurring invoice runs that has the “email invoices” option set, any member with a parent didn’t receive the email.

Bank Statements
This page now shows the percentage of reconciled transactions for each bank statement.

For bank transfers, you can now click on the “i” icon to view the reconciliation details and change the From/To bank accounts.

Club Documents
Slight change to folders. If you don’t select any of the visibility options (coaches, parents, swimmers etc) for a folder, but you select one or more individual members, only those members will see the folder.